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Check out these websites.* New products can shape new directions in the building industry.

Prestique® Cool Color shingles by GAF-Elk Timberline®

GAF-Elk’s Cool Color Series shingles are manufactured to reflect sunlight and the manufacturer claims this can reduce attic heat buildup.

Squak Mountain Stone™ Countertops by Tiger Mountain Innovations LLC

Squak Mountain Stone™ countertops provide the look of concrete or the appearance of limestone or slate, the manufacturer says, but they are made from low-carbon cement, and post-consumer and post-industrial recycled paper and recycled glass. The product comes in five colors.

Surfaces App for the iPhone® by Surfaces, Inc.

Surfaces App puts 400 SKUs along with photos, installation images, and technical specs at a contractor’s fingertips, the manufacturer claims. Users can also place requests for samples or orders from their iPhone, making selecting and specifying easier.

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