Case Study: CR Construction Finds Durability and Longevity in Alternative Stucco System

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“To come up with a stucco system that’s tough as nails is amazing to me... It’s a huge advantage for us and for the homeowner.”

Rische Beeson
Managing Partner, CR Construction

CR Construction is a family business specializing in custom luxury home construction in the Lubbock, Tex., area. Founded in 2003 by Rische and Diana Beeson, the company continuously seeks out and evaluates the highest quality products and materials in the industry, according to Rische Beeson. Unsatisfied with traditional or EIFS stucco, Beeson said CR Construction wanted a more durable product that could endure severe weather without being a hassle to install.


In the words of Rische Beeson, “I wasn’t satisfied with the products available on the market. We simply did not have a good track record with their exterior protection against the elements. I wanted a stucco product that was something I could stand behind with a good warranty. We take our warranty very seriously.” In addition, the company wanted to reduce installation time and labor, especially the massive amounts of underlayment work required by traditional or EIFS stucco.


In early 2010, CR Construction selected CarraraFinishesTM Built on
LP® SmartSide® for a custom-build lake house. A beautiful and cost-effective alternative to traditional three-coat stucco or exterior insulated finishing system (EIFS) products, CarraraFinishes is an extraordinarily durable system applied directly to LP SmartSide Precision Series smooth panel siding.

The results were an instant success. “The installation went very well. And the customer remains very satisfied,” said Beeson. “We’ve had some extreme weather since then, and no problems whatsoever. It’s wearing well.”

After the first successful trial, CR Construction installed CarraraFinishes on three additional new homes to continue its thorough research and evaluation process. With each home, the installation took only days, not weeks like competing stucco products. Again, the construction company was completely satisfied with the results.

“To come up with a stucco system that’s tough as nails is amazing to me,” said Beeson. “Just for fun, we made a mock-up panel with CarraraFinishes, and I’ve invited other contractors to hit it with a hammer. It’s probably been struck over 50 times now, and it still looks fine. Of course, I don’t recommend smacking your siding with a hammer, but it’s impressive.”

CR Construction offers a builder warranty on every home it builds, so product longevity is critical to the company. Fortunately, CarraraFinishes is not only designed to minimize the effect of shifting and settling on the stucco, but it also includes a crack-resistant finish coat that is faithful to the traditional textures and colors of old-world stucco. That’s why this product is able to carry a 10-year warranty from Carrara on the finish, as well as a 5/50-year limited warranty from LP Building Products on the LP SmartSide panel.

Plus, it’s simply beautiful.

“Another thing I like about CarraraFinishes is the flexibility of colors,” added Beeson. “We have an interior decorator who works with our company, and she can use the whole color chart. We’ve even used it as part of the home’s interior because of the color options. It can go right on top of so many various underlayings.”


How confident is CR Construction in the quality, durability, and simplicity of CarraraFinishes? Starting in 2012, the company will be using the product on no less than 615 houses in a single subdivision tentatively named Copper Creek. “It’s simply a superior product,” said Beeson. “We’re excited to get started.”

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