Fall2009 Issue

The Callback Cure

The full weight of a home’s interior ultimately rests on the sub-flooring. That includes walls, ceilings, cabinets, appliances, furniture, and

Get Re-Oriented: The Technology Behind Sustainable Building

Sustainable forests are critical to the homebuilding industry for reasons beyond just protecting our planet. First and foremost, the affordability

Product Trends & Technology

Strong Frame™ Ordinary Moment Frame by Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame™ moment frames offer the benefits of a moment frame without

Don’t Build An Energy Dud

All too often, architects and homeowners will ignore the simple solution in favor of a new technology that promises the

Certifiably Green

EW: What does it mean to be “SFI-certified”? RW: Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification delivers assurances of good forest management

High-Tech Home Design Goes To The Dawgs

Last September, LP Building Products reached out to McCar Homes in Atlanta to build a home for one of its

Whole Lotta Shaking

After two weeks of brutal testing on top of the world’s largest earthquake shake table, the seven-story NEESWood Capstone Test

The $2 Billion Bug

When a living organism escapes its native environment, it can sometimes leave a deadly trail on other continents. That’s been

Builder Trends

The Ultimate In Affordable Low-Energy Living New research into the most advanced building technology, products and techniques will help evaluate

Facts & Figures

Wood is … 4 times more efficient as an insulator than cinder block 6 times more efficient than brick 15