Winter2012 Issue

Outdoor Building Solutions

When Homeowners or developers want a backyard shed to be part of a construction job, they can either build it

House of the Future

What does the future of home construction look like? Green building consultant and author Robin Pharo is blazing a new

Wood is Good

Homebuilders have more reasons to use more wood building products in home construction than ever before. For one thing, the

International Focus: Loft-y Goals

Homebuilders in the United Kingdom are capitalizing on the growing trend of loft conversions, transforming attic space into living space.

Facts & Figures

This past fall, Engineered Wood invited readers to participate in a survey about the industry. Here’s what they had to

Builder News and Trends

NAHB House Price Estimator Can Help Determine Amenity Costs The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has developed a house

Whats New – Trends & Technology

Check out these websites. New Products can shape new directions in the building industry. Custom Color cabinetry from Danver According

What Our Reader Survey Reveals about the Future of Our Industry

With 2011 behind us and the new year already begun, many are wondering what 2012 will bring to the building

Builder Spotlight – Regent Homes

Achieving a unique, aesthetically pleasing design is a key factor in the success of any housing development. For Nashville-based Regent

Returning Home

When it comes to honoring those who have fought for our country, it’s impossible to repay the sacrifices that have